Get Involved

So you love the Distro Astro project and would like to help out! Feel free to Contact Us to join us at the Distro Astro Team.

Here are several ways to get involved.

Manpower Contributions


There is a lot of astronomy software out there that are not in the Ubuntu and Debian repositories. Help us package them!

In Distro Astro, our main criteria for inclusion in our repository is usefulness to the astronomical community. So if you believe some software should be in our repos, feel free to package them and submit your package to Distro Astro.

If you have never built a Debian package before, the Debian New Maintainers' Guide provides a very detailed reference on package creation.

If you maintain a package for us, we encourage you to submit your package upstream to Debian Science. When a package makes it to Ubuntu LTS, we can remove it from our repositories.


The magic of Distro Astro is not just in the software we bundle, but in how we make them work together to be more useful to astronomers. We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We want software to take advantage of each other's presence, and not just be there together.

This is where custom development comes in. We want to improve the experience of using the distro as a whole. So if you have experience developing software for Linux, feel free to ask us which tasks are needed and how you would like to help.

Bug Testers

Bug testing is an important part of a software distribution. Let us know any problems you find! We plan to put up a public bug-tracking system soon.

We can only fix bugs on things we maintain, e.g., packages in our repositories, features unique to our distribution, etc. For upstream bugs in Mint/Ubuntu/Debian or their included software, please file your bug reports directly to the upstream maintainers.

Equipment Testers

You can test how well Distro Astro works with your astronomical equipment such as telescopes, focusers, and CCDs. Tell us what works and what doesn't, as well as workarounds you discovered.


If you have experience creating themes, icons, screensavers, and artwork for Linux, we need you. A visual refresh would be great. Let us know if you are up to it.

We are also open to new logo and website designs. Logos should be vector and web pages should be valid HTML5+CSS.


And for the rest of us who are neither the techie nor the artist types, you can help us by promoting the Distro Astro project to your friends. Talk about it in your blogs or public forums, and post in social networks.

The more people who hear of Distro Astro, the better!

Infrastructure Contributions


We need forums, mailing lists, wikis, documentation, public bug tracking databases, and other infrastructure necessary to build a community around an open source project. These require bandwidth and disk space. We appreciate any offers to set these up or provide hosting for them. We will also need volunteers to maintain them and community leaders to build a passionate group of avid users and supporters!


The more servers and countries hosting our ISO files, the better. By distributing it around the world we increase download speed for everyone.

Financial Contributions

We work on this project in our free time. You can give us more time to work on it by being a sponsor or donor. If you are interested to be a partner in this project, please Contact Us.

The universe is a wonderful place to discover and your contributions will help us spread the joy of astronomy to more people.